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  • VictorLima141
    Hey dude fellow aussie here again. Do you know when the season pass typically goes on sale or drops in price?
    March 22
    • crabman169
      What platform are you on?
      Xbox and PC can use EA/Origin Access to save 10%

      I'm yet to see the premium pass go on sale yet but it may have a sale on the 28th to encourage people to buy premium after TSNP. Maybe again just before In The Name Of The Tsar to encourage people to purchase it in time for the early access.

      I have no actual idea just theorising; EB games etc could also have it on sale if you are lucky.

      I don't know how patient you are so you can either wait for a discounted offer or get it right now to play the new dlc and on wards.
    • VictorLima141
      Sorry dude, had no idea you replied. There was no notification.
      I am on PS4 btw. I figured it might be a little cheaper soon cause TSNP early access is almost over. Where'd you hear about the 28th by the way?
    • crabman169
      Yeah the notifications for wall posts are real iffy

      I just found out you ps4 players have to fork out another $5. No idea why and it's not like can get the 10% discount

      It may have a special offer to encourage premium purchases but that's just a theory; no solid info on when it may drop. Keep an eye out in store; EB games might do a special on it
  • GammaZeta430
    Thanks for help man, appreciate it.
    February 16

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