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They’ve completely killed aggressive recon in this game. It’s like they’re consciously trying to kill off the class. I’ve never hill-humped, so large mag scopes don’t interest me. But putting glint on ALL recon scopes and no other class is just ridiculous. We now stand out a mile. Peel down your scope and you have half the opposing team firing at you. Other classes are able to hide unseen and open fire on people, yet recon have torches for scopes. They haven’t used their brain at all. They could apply glint to just the Kroger scopes. They could have glint appear if ADS for more than 5 seconds. They could have glint flicker, or only take effect beyond certain distances. They could do the obvious and remove it all together on x3 scope. But no. They couldn’t even do that. Not only this, but they’ve now messed with the TTK and damage models even more, so recon is pretty much useless. The recon guys in this game are bad enough, now it’s truly useless.


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