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  • MaryThypon
    Hello Dan! The promotion says it's until the 29th, would it be for XBOX or Origin as well? Because today I went to buy (released the tariff of my card) and the game in the origin was no longer in promotion could take me out of that doubt thank you already Dan
    May 23
  • Jirehrophe
    I am in Asia Pacific time zone and just have a new XBoxOne with Battlefield1 installed. But strangely, it seems that I can connect and see all the servers but all the servers have no player playing or joining the multi-player game. This was not the case about 1-2 months ago. From your experience, is this caused by a bug in the game, or just nobody is playing this game anymore? Or, is it that I need to configure something in the game setting itself? But it is not possible that there is no single soul playing the game, correct? It must be a software glitch pr system down, right? but I can see all server sites available, just no player there, why? If you or anyone have experienced similar problem before, please advise how to resolve this as I like playing multiplayer rather than campaign alone.
    May 22
  • dhrgamabd
    Please help me Ping up to 250
    May 3
  • Mode-2020-Sy
    ‏Hi please help that my ping up to 200 and also mine special tanks do not work well please repair
    May 2
    • dhrgamabd
      رجاء لي بنغ يصل الى 250 الرجاء اصلاح المساعدة المساعدة

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