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  • Retanor
    Hello, I play Battlefield every day, I am a veteran of the series, could you help me get the key to the battlefield V closed alpha test? Thank you very much.

    Origin: Retanor
    August 14
  • DonKamillentee
    we are 4 guys playing BF since 1942. Only 2 of us got access to Alpha (incl. me). Can I have at least one more code for the Alpha for a friend of mine? Thank you :)
    August 14
  • ReZorX69
    Need a key code for sure :D
    August 14
  • CH4NN4S
    i have server on battlefield bad company 2.
    still off line in multiplayer.
    just i can see 14 servers in all location.
    can u tell me what happened?
    i have my server in USA,
    thx so much, sry for my poor english
    August 3
  • kanka208
    hello please can i have a key for BFV
    June 29
  • Corvonas
    Typo in your signature buddy. ;) I presume you aren't a "manger"?
    July 1
  • Taiwanoknobani
    We hope that the bfv server plan can be the same as cod or R6. Set the unofficial server to the server side of the game = say like CS:S and CS:GO
    First of all, you have to unlock all the weapons in the official or you have to buy the ultimate shortcut to unlock the equipment and weapons.
    Like COD, you have to play a private room, but you must solve the weapons and equipment. Otherwise, you can only use the basic weapons and equipment to play with your friends. Since the reservation is free, you can open the room or you can only invite friends R6 like R6. Buy a character to go to a private room to have a character available
    The connection mechanism is the same as P2P. Originally, the experience of EA did not dare to open the SV terminal in order to prevent the work from being cracked. It was copied and there were three generations of the concept of SV rental. Benefits Computer idiots can play as long as they have money.
    The game does not integrate well with SV functions. People who do n
    July 1
  • kanka208
    merhaba lütfen BFV için bir anahtar alabilir miyim
    June 29
  • nanomotta

    please dan, I am a fan of this saga from battlefield 1942, i really need participe to de closed alpha battlefield 5, please!! send me a code
    June 28
  • TheMosquito90
    hello please can i have a key for BFV :)
    June 28

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