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  • Immortal_0neShot
    guess im getting a ban soon again, sorry but that King is getting entitled, and then plays the victim.
    July 8
    • denjoga
      I see he is getting pretty arrogant.
      DICE will never "fix" this game. It will never work properly. Nothing you post in the forums will change that.
      The sooner you accept that, the easier it will be to relax and accept the game for what it is (and isn't).
      Like 3 & 4, it's an over-ambitious game that would be fantastic if it worked properly, but it doesn't - and it never will - it will only get worse just like the previous ones.
      We all continue to play because there are elements of it we enjoy - the broken-ness makes those moments of enjoyment brief and rare and outweighed by the frustration of something with so much potential yet so much failure to meet that potential.
      "Venting" in the forums can feel good in the moment, but in the end it just backfires - it's not worth it.
      Let the forumfielders feel important and tell themselves they're making a difference and believe that they will help the devs to fix the game - it'll never happen.
      Participating in the forums is not worth it. Continuing to play the game is only worth it if you can let go of any expectations of quality and problem-free gameplay.
      Good luck.

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