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  • plumber6789
    thankyou i play on console not on pc :) yea machines settings do feel goodd i was just wondering why the hip sens is the same as the ads sens :) thanks for answering me and telling me appreciate it i got 1 more question when i play conquest the majority of the team is going flying around the map to one objective to another all in like 1 big unit i find it even hard to break 25-20 kills in a conquest match whats the smartest way to know what objective flag you should be on? it doesnt help knowing that others do not have a clue either lol i just go to any objective flag and try to cap defend it is there any secret to as why some guys know where everyone is ? whats your strategy wise on conquest? thanks 
    May 27
    • disposalist
      I often find myself being the only one attacking or defending and dying horribly hehe, but you do start to appreciate the strategic situation from what is happening in the spawn map. Looking at where flags are being taken and where your players are dying is one thing. When enemy vehicles and stationary guns fire you briefly see them on the map.

      As you are finding, it's rare for people to actually look at the situation and do what is needed for the team to win - most times people just spawn with everyone else for safety in numbers.

      Don't let that put you off, though. Maybe move through a few squads until you find one actually giving orders and follow those orders, or if you can't find one, ask for orders, get squad leadership and start giving your own!

      Often it just takes someone to give orders to keep the squad together and once the squad works together you actually do better.

      Remember though, it's not all about the kills. It's about taking flags and supporting your team. If often find that going medic and following others is extremely effective at scoring and succeeding. You find they run in and get killed, but you get to finish the enemy off and revive your buddy and you get the flag ;^)

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