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  • sbvaughn88
    Hey man, add me as a friend on Xbox and let’s pkay some time. My gamer tag is EazyBreezyVeezy. I played last night with Mishkin37 and played a bunch with Aflag666 and Sabersun and we all have a blast. I know you have been frustrated with the game lately and considered leaving (judging from your posts) but for me, playing with a good squad (these guys) has turned this whole game around for me...we actually revive, crush objectives, and win a lot of matches and coordinate well....hope to see you on soon.
    February 16
    • georgeanzelon
      Hey man!! I definitely will. I am usually on all weekend. I played with Aflag and his squad last weekend, best time i have ever had in bf5. The are really good but also are hilarious and have fun too.
  • Aflag666
    Yo Tanker! Thanks for joining in yesterday! Had a lot of fun having you in the party and in the squad! :)
    February 11
    • georgeanzelon
      Hey, it was my pleasure. It was definitely the most fun i have had playing bf5!! I actually felt like i was useful!! Sorry for not talking much, my mic was crap. Just stopped tonight and bought a 60 dollar headset. Thanks for allowing me to join, you guys are hilarious and also very good at the game.
  • Aflag666
    If you ever get the itch to give it another go, and you see me playing, join in. Jump in my squad/party. Open invitation anytime. I am horrible with sending invites or even checking who's online when I get on, as I usually just load up and play something. Not that I'm an amazing player that will magically elevate your experience via osmosis. I just enjoy the game a ton and have a lot of fun while I'm playing, and laughs are the norm. And sometimes just being with the right people on a game can increase the fun factor. But I do get just not clicking with a title regardless of how much you try to enjoy. Happened to me with BF1. No matter what, I just couldn't find those awesome BF moments on the regular with that one. So I dig it. But like I said, if ever you see me and feel like it, don't hesitate to join. I almost always have open parties. If my squad is full and you're not feeling social enough to join the party, just message me to make room in my squad for you and I will.
    February 3
    • georgeanzelon
      Thanks , I may be back sooner than later, who knows!!! Until than have fun ,its good to hear you enjoy it!!

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