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Dear BF friends, I have a question to put out there and would like your views and feed back, its with regards to the locking of groups when playing in conquests. The other evening I was playing conquest and had finished a round, when the next round was ready to begin. and when I looked at joining one of the player groups all 6 that were listed had locked out with just 2 players in each team. This was so frustraiting as I thought that BF1 was better and a more enjoyable experience played in multi/player mode. In fact thats what I thought the whole game was designed on, playing as a unit. But when I was shut down from joining any of the 6 listed teams, I thought whats the point of playing and swithched off my PS4. Now i don't want to seem like I'm spiting my dummy out, but I have paid out a lot of money so that I can enjoy the experience. I would like to see lockout taken out of the team playing to give everyone a chance to play with each other. please excuse my writting as I am dyslexic


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