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  • Watermelon_ARBUZ
    mostly hardcore

    BF3 Play Time : 1348H 12M
    BF4 Play Time : 582h 38m
    BFHL Play Time : 1h 28m
    BF1 Play Time : 86h
    July 9
  • Watermelon_ARBUZ
    Hello , please consider this topic
    and open it, I believe that it is not fair closed


    July 9
  • FivDragon
    Origin : FivDragon

    BF1 Play Time : 1273h

    Thanks for give me the code
    July 2
  • LaraaaO_o
    Origin : LaraaaO_o

    Old veteran since Battlefield 2. played until Lieutenant Colonel,
    Played all series a lot after that. appreciate it for a chance.
    July 2
  • NdoIphin
    Origin : NdoIphin

    BF3 Play Time : 122h 2m
    BF4 Play Time : 1900h 28m
    BF1 Play Time : 513h
    July 2
  • Cisco5555
    BF1: 560h
    BF4: 1009h
    I am looking for a free code.
    July 2
    Origin : YOUCAV

    BF4 play time : 2372h
    BF1 play time : 658h
    July 2
  • Tiger_273
    Tiger_273 → gunhero
    Origin: Tiger_273
    I would like to participate in alpha. I am very old veteran :-) from BF2.
    Play time:
    BF4: 2056 h
    BF1: 978 h
    July 2
  • VikFili
    Origin: VikFili
    Bf3: 804h
    BF4: 37h
    BF1: 867h
    July 2
    • VikFili
      twitter: HardcoreMMAFan
  • FuryChalk
    I want to revive my passion for gameplay that I lost.

    Origin : FuryChalk
    July 2
  • ChiefNette
    I love battlefield it's one of the best game series. Wish I could test battlefield v.
    Origin: ChiefNette
    July 2
  • karmy2k
    I have total of 1, 517 hours on BF3, BF4, BHL and BF1 i would really appreciate an opportunity to test the new battlefield v, thank you
    July 2
  • LostDog_Sniper
    Twitter: LostDogbang
    Xbox: LostDog BR
    E-mail: [email protected]
    July 2
  • SAD_FROG11
    Play time

    I like World War II games. So I want to play Battlefield 5.
    I waited 3 days for the code but the mail did not come ...
    July 2
  • Clim3x

    I'm an old washed-up veteran who has fought in all theatres of war between WWI and 2142. I can't wait to travel back in time to relive my glory days as a WWII soldier, this time with my new secret weapon of WWII - my walking stick!

    Thank you! :)

    Origin: Clim3x
    July 2
  • RTD_PikAa
    Hey, guys.Playing BF since BF1942, but the best BF I think BF2 and BF Special Forces. I think I should not paint how much I played in different BF, it will not give anything. I'm a devoted fan of this series, I've played all parts of BF (even BF heroes) and I want to try to access the closed alpha on Battlefield V because I love Battlefield.
    July 2
  • Funky_AU
    Funky_AU → Gunhero
    Origin: Funky_AU
    I'm a streamer and also an admin in a gaming group on FB with 3500+ members.
    Would love a BF V key for myself or hopefully in the future to do some giveaways for our community.
    July 2
  • RTD_PikAa
    Hey, guys. I play BF c BF1942 but BF2 and BF Special Forces are the best games of my life.
    It was Origin in BF that I played so many hours:

    Battlefield 1942- less than an hour ( very little played, I know, outside Origin played more);
    Battlefield 3 - 124 hours;
    Battlefield 4 - 408 hours;
    Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BFBC2) - 18 hours( you could play more);
    Battlefield 1 - 230 hours;
    Battlefield Hardline (BFH) - 140 hours.
    Battlefield 2-played outside of Origin, more than 1000 hours.

    Can I be considered a veteran BF, only you judge.
    Of course I want to play Battlefield V, but as I said, only you judge.
    July 2
  • Emmanuelpaynen
    hey gys i am veteran same i dont have the key i have get lat time key Battlefield 1 incrusion but naw no key and i will precomande the game same
    July 2
  • roeicat
    Origin: roeicat
    Hello, I have been playing since BF3 and have all the titles that came after it.
    I would be very glad if you could provide me with a code to the alpha so I can first impressions for the next battlefield and help with issues that I find :D
    P.S - Cant add links for some reason, my twitter account is /roeicat
    July 2
  • iface8
    Origin : iface8

    I waited for battle field 5 code for 2 days without sleeping properly Please give me the code.
    July 2
  • azurlane_kokishi
    I really want to join closed alpha.....
    July 2
    Hey! I play in BF from 1942. Have all last active BFs, but have not BFV alpha. I think I need it to my collection. Thank you.
    July 2
  • attackposition
    i want battlefiled alpha
    battlefiled 1 102h, battlefiled 3 383h, battlefiled 4 482h
    Origin : attackposition
    July 2
  • Maple110
    July 2
  • REDSTAR0904
    I need bf5 alpha key

    maybe bf5:1000000000000000000000h
    July 2
  • ChoiKatz
    Yo pls give me code im a big fan of BF series
    I love BF4 and i'll order BFV
    July 2
    I love you gunhero im korean i want alpha key i buy all battlefiled ... origin:ROKA_ACE
    July 2
  • Ggang9
    Origin: Ggang9
    July 2
  • 0x000E4
    Origin: 0x000E4
    BF3: 331h
    BF4: 1733h
    BF1: 578h

    I love BF.. plz..
    July 2

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