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  • Immortal_0neShot
    Priceless how They determine whatd on topic.
    April 3
  • looie63
    @lizzard . You should check out VBALL_MVP s twitch channel. Search for MAD_BOSNIAN13. Hours of footage of him screaming **** every time he gets killed, yet most are what he calls "the game working as it should " type kills.

    Funny how it's easily explainable by him when it happens to others , but when it happens to him, it's "****"

    Watching him should give you some good insight into what sort of person you're dealing with. It's kinda fun listening to him rant about things that he's telling everyone else is normal.
    April 2
    • lizzard
      That's interesting!
      May give me a laugh or two.

      He is a sick narcissistic person, that hates all Europeans.. A pathetic racist!
      And the mods lets him go on and on.. Its sad!
  • Immortal_0neShot
    haha what did i say. its your internet hahahaah
    April 2
  • Immortal_0neShot
    lol that guy is a fool its like looie63 says just copy and paste it haha, i meant well in the post at you, stop apologixing to them. they are nerds.
    April 2
  • Immortal_0neShot
    just forget this game m8, a dev is just a spokes person,dont expect improvements, this game is designed for casual players who need aim assist and hip fire.
    March 30
    • lizzard
      Yeah I really don't play bf any more.
      Playing rainbow six siege, until they fix the aim and lag issues in bf.

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