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  • xxShiftyxxx
    Hey mate any luck with the winter update getting region lock servers to stop high ping players joining our rooms and lagging us out in the oceanic area.
    April 25
    • xxShiftyxxx
      Sorry- but forgot to add Hardcore severs being returned to the same state as the BF4 hardcore servers. Or having the options in Rent a sever too create HC servers the same as BF4. Because I guarantee there would be a lot off HC veterans returning to BF1, especially at least 50 of my platoon members.
  • XiphiasGladius2
    Hello; I'm trying to report a bug here on the site but i can't get past the preview and i'm limited on time. May I report a bug to you in hopes it can make it up the chain of command? I downloaded my xbox one gamertag to a friends xbone and it duplicated our battlepacks. I had 3 packs and my buddy had 6. It gave him the 3 packs I had and gave me the packs he had!! We still get packs separately and everything is normal in game; I had my original gamertag from the 360 on his xbox one before the launch of BF1; after i got my own xbone i changed the info and had to re-download my profile cuz the gamertag was different. I had BF1 running with my buddy signed in and then i signed in and boom. There was nothing i could do it just happened automatico! It seems i'm the first to run into this as i'm sure the number of original accounts is only getting fewer. If you figure anything out let me know!! Thanks have a good one.
    April 4
  • jimin10sc
    You said it was sad that I felt DICE "we don't give a damn" (your words so don't ban me for repeating them) but did you read my response? What is the chance of getting Fair Fight or PB on console? I played bf4 on xbox one recently and saw Fair Fight there. Is DICE or XBL being hesitant about it?

    You know, that 90% of alleged "godmode" complaints are people playing way far out of region and lagging. In bf4 east coast US Servers were inundated with people from NZ & OZ and unless hit with splash damage, they were seldom killed by gunfire. Forced Regional Servers as an option for players who only want to play with people from their own region would do away with a great number of those complaints. Although rare XBL says that can be considered cheating and has banned players for that.

    These things are ongoing. I know guys who are very skilled and watch guys like Ravic he doesn't cheat. But if you can shoot through 2 rocks and 2 walls with a gewehr 95 & kill me & my horse, somethings fishy.
    February 26
    • mischkag
      There is no known cheating on consoles. No need for Fairfight or PB there. We are working on regional locks, but as mentioned many times, it is a long process of getting that done unfortunately. I wish it would be different.
    • jimin10sc
      And that is why I said what I said in the other player's discussion about hacks and cheating. I knew you guys would claim ignorance to the hacking in the game. And subsequently why I told him to report it with a video clip of the alleged infraction to psn or the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team because you guys would never do anything about it. I am an XBL Ambassador I know people in the XBLPET and as much as DICE likes to turn a blind eye to cheating on console and make it the console psn or XBL's problem; I have gotten cheaters banned from Xbox Live because it does exist. And again Hence my allegations that after DICE gets our money, they do not care.

      P.S. I just bought the premium plus deluxe and of course got screwed out of the extra battle packs. But it's ok because you got my money.
    • Sawtooth75
      You asked a decent question and you got a decent answer. It's obvious the answer is not to your satisfaction, but let's just leave it at that. If you think someone is cheating, report him through the proper channels.
    • mischkag
      Well we are not aware of cheats on consoles. Sp if you have a video or any other sort of prove and suspicion, plz d report that thru the proper channels as SawTooth 75. In that case we probably should consider taking countermeasures.
    • jimin10sc
      To both DICE Apologist and Sawtooth my criticism of how DICE deals with cheating has no bearing on my love of the franchise. On the contrary, as a war veteran myself I'm no longer able to the things I loved about my old job as a JTAC in the United States Air Force. When I was sent home after Operation Allied Force in Kosavo, the Battlefield Franchise is one of the few things I could feel good about. Working together with AD & other Veterans has been very satisfying. But just as we saw pushback from DICE when there was widespread cheating in bf4, and the ultimate results was DICE putting Fairfight on bf4 servers. When I see it more than 3 times per week "bona-fide cheating" on console and I see another player on the forum with similar issues, you are darn skippy I'm gonna tell DICE what I think. If it makes the game better in the long run that is my optimal hope. And installing Fair Fight would quell a great number of similar complaints. Thereby leaving more room for balancing discussion.

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