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  • kennyh530199
    Hello ragnarok013I would like to be a Moderator. I'm the owner of Battlefield Veteran''s on PS4 Community. And I'm a longtime fan of Battlefield. I'm very Involved and intrested into the Battlefield community. If I can I'll love to have a dog tag. Showing I'm a good friend with DICE and EA. It would be nice to see me Community official and Platoon "BATTLEFIELD V3TRANS". Thank you kennyh530199.
    January 15
  • SpettroGuardiano
    will not be allowed but we are stuffi this guy that despite repeated reports made to EA he continues to play I'm sure that if I had to do it hard 1 day is not nice to lose the games because of an element so the EA and says it seems what do you care about that and then I wonder why not put the hack as a premium package so everyone uses them and who really uses them maybe you get rid of using them I spent € 60 to have fun not to make fun of a popante who continues to ruin the stat because it kills you with anything in your hand that is a machine gun or ua ammunition bag tries to do against him the operation where you launch from the plane that I miss tilanci you're already dead she is a moderator informs you the admin because both I and others can no longer report against him and others like him so much that ends up leaving the game as happened with bf1 and other bf for this reason
    January 1

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