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  • Re: Turning Tides First week of Feb? Ummm Ok

    Why would you need a breather?
  • Re: TTK 2.0 coming this month!!

    A couple needed a nerf.
    All got a damage buff.
    Recoil difference means assault 'pros' will pub stomp harder. Like we needed that.

    A couple needed a buff.
    All got a damage buff.
    Recoil difference means support 'pros' will pub stomp harder. Like we needed that.

    Could've maybe used a small buff.
    All got a huge buff mostly for ranged.
    Medics will tend to be even further out away from people they should be healing/reviving. Like we needed that.

    Were fine.
    Still are fine.
    With everyone else buffed get an effective nerf and will have an even harder risking CQC so will snipe even more. Like we needed that.

    Needed a fix.
    Got a fix.
    If only all the others were treated this way.

    A few guns needed balancing and we end up with an overall pace increase and range push. Why?

    Who was this update for? CQC eSports wannabes who like to pub stomp? Medics who want to be snipers? Scouts who wanted more company while hill-humping?

    Some have always wanted BF1 to be more like other modern shooters. It seems they went to Reddit and CTE and got their way. Those in Reddit and CTE are a small minority of players, but are the only voice DICE hear and, this time, what they were saying matched something that might appeal to the mass market. Win-win, yeah? If you're ok possibly alienating the majority of existing players, yeah. Still, their money is spent.

    The point for me is this: Some weapons needed balancing, but the whole of gunplay got 'amped'. If you are currently, and maybe have for the last 15 months, enjoyed BF1, you clearly like the more slow-paced, tactical, thoughtful gunplay. Most won't have known why they like it, they just play it because they enjoy it.

    TL;DR: Whatever the reason for the update, it will increase the pace of play. Are players currently playing BF1 thinking, "This is great, but, aw, I just wish it were more hectic (like CoD)"?

    Yeah, this whole thing is blown out of proportion. Your assessment on the style of play that this TTK brings to the different classes is also ridiculous. This change in TTK barely changes the pace if at all, doesn't make it less tactical or less thoughtful. Theres also an irony of DICE listening to reddit but not us, also a small minority of gamers which represent the overall player base. So what if DICE went here instead of reddit? Whatever affect we have here will still affect the majority of gamers which don't even know this forum exists. And can we stop thinking that DICE doesn't have a mind of their own? If you don't like TTK its their fault, not reddit, not levelcap or whatever. They have their own idea of what each game should be or become. You know what the majority of players are thinking? Nothing. Because if they really cared about future implementations of features of this game the majority would have found their way here participating in discussions which are about said implementations. CoD also isn't nearly as hectic as Battlefield. Moving on from one enemy to the next in faster succession isn't "hectic".
  • Re: Battlefield 1 Sniping, TTK patch

    This is way past ridiculous. The same comments here, are the same ones in 5 other ttk threads. Christ.
  • Re: Autobalance - Lack of it is killing this game

    You won 9 of 10 because of your squad. You broke the balance because of your squad. Light tank guy was either going to switch or leave. A balancer no matter how good, is likely to fail when there's a superior squad amongst an amalgamation of randoms.
  • Re: Favourite gun sounds in the game


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