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Battlefield V, an immensely overconpensated customization and menu optioned, buggy mess of massacres. Yet I still play on. Never has a Battlefield game been backed by so much un needed controversy. More times than not I wonder, Is this is a beta? Did we all pay just under 100$ of our hard earned money so they could test and tune for something greater? At this point I sure as **** hope so. If not. This developer is down the pipes and I'm a plumber so I can attest to the **** that comes with that analogy. I really am, and I really work hard for my dollar. I love setting my mind at ease by virtually slaughtering masses of other humans virtually. It's great! Battlefield games have always delivered this unique style and flow to participating in such a task, but during the time I've played this particular game, it feels as if its not quiet sure what it wants to be. All I have to say is figure it out. Irregardless of what side of the coin I stand on as far as politics go, I wanted Battlefield


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