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  • Re: TTK 2.0 is live!!

    Does anybody think that the games where you either win/lose by a landslide is some how affected by the TTK patch? Or is it just a massive coincidence? Ive hardly seen any 'close games' since the patch came in to effect.
  • Re: TTK 2.0 is live!!

    Medics clearly aren't playing their role correctly any more. Most revives in a round... :D :D
  • Re: TTK 2.0 is live!!

    I just had an encounter where I was set up in a room with an LMG with bipod on a shelf, half concealed knowing an enemy was about to come in. As soon as he showed himself rounding a corner about 5 meters away I opened fire aiming about chest/neck height. I even pre-fired a little, actually, hearing his footsteps.

    I had him dead-to-rights - he stood no chance.

    He killed me in a fraction of a second with his Helriegel.

    Maybe I was unlucky and he got a couple of headshots in, but this is happening way too much now.

    Assault DID NOT need a buff in CQC.

    THIS!! Ive been waiting for someone to comment this. This is my only problem with the patch. It feels like you're lagging/hip firing etc. Support is useless for 1v1. I PTO and with the current patch it makes it very difficult to do so as support.
  • Re: OId balance was better.

    For someone who primarily uses Support on BF1, this patch has been quite annoying. The 1 v 1 situations are simply frustrating. I am the sort of player who likes to get in the thick of it, capping flags, supporting my team etc. With the new patch it now means If I find myself in a flag, in a 1 v 1 situation, I can shoot and half of my bullets miss. Its happened numerous times since the patch went live. I feel that it's really unfair when you shoot way before the enemy sees you, but they still manage to stop what they're doing, turn around and kill you. I have a little example of what I mean. In the clip I tried ADS and hip firing, nothing made the slightest difference.

    Having said all that, every patch has been a learning curve. it can take a few weeks to adjust your game play to match the changes in the patch.
  • Re: nice update!

    lol I said before the weapons patch that people would just start whinging and moaning about other weapons that will kill them. It's already begun. Seriously, it's a game.

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