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If Battlefield was going to change the game for the better then they should fix the player stiff movement, loosen the plane flying mechanism, map pack name " Back to the Pacific " this map extension will include Wake Island, Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal with additional weapons like the M1 Garand. It will also include 2 new teams. U.S and Japan. This teams can only be customize in those maps or in the main menu.  Axis- Germany and Japan Allies- England and U.S.A I understand Battlefield want to scratch a new surface when it comes to WW2 but please bring us back to Omaha Beach, France ( D-Day ) 1944 and the Pacific War of 1943. give us back the M1 Garand with the availability of customizing to have a bayonet. Please and Thank You. true fan reporting out. Fan since Battlefield 2 Modern Combat.  


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