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  • Aflag666
    Hi again. I'll search you out tonight when I'm off work. I'm thinking I did not put spaces between the X's in my GT like an idiot ;) I'll fix that now in my post.
    January 4
  • Aflag666
    I play with a couple of fellas and a couple of gals that are in it for fun. I am a PTFO player, but don't care about how "good" anyone is. I just prefer my squad works together. I myself am not that good so who am I to insist on greatness? Anyway, saw your post and figured I'd take a shot and send you my GT xAflagx We are all adults (barely for some) so our parties have adult content. Myself, I'm older than the rest by some years (I'm 44, the others are from 22 to 30). In general, we care more about how we gel in the party than how good anyone is. So if you want to try a few rounds with me and the malcontents I play with, feel free to add me and we can see how we gel. I am on Pacific time and play from about 5-10 on weeknights. Weekends anytime.
    January 3
    • sabersun
      Hey. I tried to find your GT but nothing came up.

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