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  • Aflag666
    Yo EezyBreezyBEASTIE ;) Really enjoy being in a squad with you and your bro too. A lot of times, I don't look at my friends list when I fire up the Xbox. I have very bad internet so often it takes 10 mins or more for my friends list to update from the last time I turned off the durn thing. The small, tight group I have been gaming with for the last 5-6 years knows this so they always send me invites or just jump into my party (I always have one so I don't have to hear randoms) which has made me lazy apparently. I just jump into the game and start doing my thing, often forgetting to look anyone up once I'm engaged. I also have an aversion to sending invites or joining parties unsolicited as I am a private person in my life so I extend that "courtesy" to others if I do not know them that well. But please feel free to jump in like you did the other night at anytime. Same for the party I'm in. And I'll be sure to start being proactive when I'm on, and join you or send an invite.
    February 12
    • sbvaughn88
      Dude I am the exact same way! Ive seen you on before and been like “man I’d love to play but don’t want to crash his party” lol. I know that I can. Appreciate it it man I’ll hit you up next time I’m on.
  • asittingduck
    Google xim apex
    February 12
  • RedFox451
    Looking for clan?
    February 3
    • sbvaughn88
      Yeah man I’m always looking for good folks to play with. Mostly played solo until recently when I started playing some with some other guys here on the forum...are you currently in a clan? My gamer tag is EazyBreezyVeezy.

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