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  • Agent2k_7
    Really need some more servers of Asia of some other countries coz the current location of servers are so far that are interrupting to get good latenct,or the game should link up connnection of players like me to japan or middle east servers so we get good latency.plz if DICE could work on this.
    September 29
  • Ygrams
    There is an issue with the sound that I first thought was my receiver giving up (nearly 8 yrs old by now) but my friend has the same issue and I've read on different forums about people experiancing a crackling or static sound. I mostly hear it during kill cams while there is a lot going on, e.g. explosions and such. It is getting very annoying since it seems to increase and occur more often. This MUST be fixed or I don't see why I should keep playing or buying BF-games in the future.
    September 9

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