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  • alperhan25
    Hello i am a Battlefield 1 player.Maybe you already prepare The new Russian dlc but i want to see Ottomans when they're fighting with Russians because they fought in Caucasus front in WW1
    June 3
    I find myself playing medic alot. I play as a team player, so I always have the syringe and med crate equipped. Which means i can't use rifle grenades, even though alot of times they would com in handy. So I'm wondering if it would be doable just to have the syringe controlled by the same botton as the one you use to change the zero distance of the sniper rifles in the recon class. that way you could run up to a downed team member and press the button and automatically use it and put it back away. This way it would free up a gadget spot.
    May 27
  • Skipp3rUA
    Played game after new "update". I wrote about packs of bugs in "Top 5 issues or improvements" and "Battlefield 1 Bugs & Issues" couple months ago, and yesterday I find, that this bugs still no fixed again. Half year DICE, half year You can't fix them.... And I dont understand, players wrote about bugs thousand times, and this bugs still - anybody from DICE team read "Battlefield 1 Bugs & Issues" or this thread only just for fun? I send to You Sir copy of my thread from "Battlefield 1 Bugs & Issues", maybe this help to DICE fix this bugs at least.

    Bugs (PC)

    1. Light howitzer tank: remove bug, when player aims crosshair in high direction, but after shoot, shell go very higher, than crosshair.
    2. Armored truck: remove bug of armored truck cannon rotation (When enemy truck shoot enemies at left side, but cannon dont move and still looking forward), (Almost half year this bug, still not fixed).
    3. Remove bug with pseudo tank respawn at F base at St.Quentin Scar (When system shows, that available tank in this base, but when player try take it, system shows message "no tank available". When you stop trying take tank, system shows, that tank available again. After this, nobody in players team can’t pick tanks at F respawn, before enemy takes it, and own team bring back this base again), (Almost half year this bug, still not fixed). Same bug, but in At Soissons map, at E base, with cavalry.
    4. Remove bug, when tankman spawn in wrong tank (Almost half year this bug, still not fixed).
    5. Remove bug, when tankman spawn in tank without any ammo (Almost half year this bug, still not fixed).
    6. DLC weapon Cleman Mle1903 extended unlock bug: I killed 75 enemies from Mk tank, after last kill game shows Me unlock of pistol. But when I want equip them to tankman class in game, game show, that pistol is locked, and I must kill 75 enemies from Mk tank. Fix this please.
    7. Remove bug, when in game and Battlefield Companion disappeared all frags from all types of mortars (Almost month this bug, still not fixed).
    8. Fix bug of players game played time drop in Battlefield Companion. In one day, My played time dropped from 550 to 335 hours. How it is possible? In game played time still 550 hours.
    9. Fix bug, when in Battlefield Companion loadout of assault class, player can't pick light anti tank grenade, when AT rifle, heavy AT grenades equipped (or if this not bug, fix bug, when in game you can pick light anti tank grenade, when AT rifle, heavy AT grenades equipped).
    10. Fix bug, when cavalry class spawn at horse without any ammunition, only with saber (no rifle, no grenades, no supply).
    11. Fix bug, when "Grenades back side" and "Crossbow launcher back side" dog tags have the same picture of "Grenades back side" dog tag.


    1. Add option, when pilots and tankmans can edit which tank/plane pick at any time, not only if tank/plane available. (Why basic classes can edit loadout at any time, and pilot/tankman can't?).
    2. Please, remove ability to make bayonet charge, if player doesn't see any enemy at close/medium range. Stop this bayonet attacks from nowhere.
    3. Remove second AT grenade at assault class (now is "one man army" class, number one source of grenade spam, 1-2 assault class players can eliminate tank at 2-3 seconds).
    4. Remove this awful grenade spam. (Back to basics - In Battlefield 1942 all classes has single grenade, result - all was good, no grenade spam).
    5. Bring back classic medal system from previous Battlefield games. (New system of earn medals totally useless. How player can help team win, if him try doing melee kills for medal earn, if in this moment, for example he need defend base. And what a "brilliant mind" in DICE decided to limit the earnings of the medal by only one week?).
    6. Unlock of new DLC weapons: Are You kidding Me DICE? Almost all players, buying DLC want play with new weapons, and what DICE do? DICE obligate all players play with old boredom guns, to unlock new guns. Sad logic (Or maybe I, player with almost 25 years experience, who play Battlefield since BF1942, don't understand something), IMHO. DICE created new elite codex for Automatico (why not for MP18?) (60% players played with Automatico - after new elite codex - 70%), and now You obligate players play more with Automatico to unlock new DLC weapons. It is some masochist DICE logic, because I'm already sick of Automatico. Plus some weapons unlock is bug: statistic countdown drop; or when you unlock weapon, in game this weapon still lock.
    7. Remove ammo auto resupply and auto heal from the game. (Stop make game casual).
    8. Unlock of DLC melee weapons: I don't understand this, it is some trolling from DICE team? I have 98 level now, yes, I play infantry maps seldom, but I have only 200 melee kills after 500-700 hours played. I saw 110 level man, who play almost only in infantry - he has 600 melee kills. And now DICE decide do this unlock system, when to open a new melee weapon, You must kill 50! enemies from some one type of melee weapon. This is joke? 50 melee kills to open one new DLC weapon? IMHO, is totally unacceptable. How player can help win to his team, if he, like a idiot runs after the enemies (not killing them - while they kill him teammates) trying to kill anyone with a melee weapon to open a new knife. This is not a game, this is circus.
    The only way out is to enter to the game with a friend, go to different teams, select a place of the map, such as a desert in Sinai desert, and there simply by turns kill each other until You and friend score 50 frags to open a new knife. You want this DICE?
    9. Don't be a cowards DICE team: when You make unpopular updates in game (like instant tank repair nerf to 5-10 from 20) - write about this in updates list, don't hide information about this.
    10. Add time limit for the frontlines mod (limit this endless meat grinder please).
    11. Add service stars to pilot/tanker weapons. For example I have 250 kills from Frommer Stop Auto, but don't have service stars.
    12. Add to the game ability to play with bots - for practice (for novice players, pilots training etc), or just for fun.
    13. Add option to loadout tanker/pilot/cavalry classes - for example pick AT mines instead of AT grenades etc.
    14. Reduce requirement of kills to unlock new DLC melee weapons, from 50 to for example 10. 50 melee kills to unlock new melee weapons - it is unexceptable.
    15. Reduce requirement of kills to unlock "Boat weapons back side" dog tag, from 100 to for example 25 or 50. (Battlefield 1 is not naval battles simulator).
    16. Reduce requirement of headshots kills at MP18 challenge to new DLC Ribeyrolles 1918 weapon unlock from 20 to 10 (Headshot challenge possible for sniper rifles, but not for MP18, what hit only 25 damage at head).
    17. Reduce requirement of kills to unlock new spring update weapons from 300 to 100 or 50. (300 kills from trash like Selbstlader 1906? It is some joke?)
    18. Reduce requirement of limpet charge kills to unlock new Hout rifle optical from 25 to 5 or 10.
    19. Reduce requirement of kills to unlock "Kolibri pistol back side" dog tag from 100 to 10 or 25 (100 kills from Kolibri troll pistol - it is big joke).

    P.S. I played almost in all games of Battlefield serie (except Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 4, Counter-Strike: Hardline), after Battlefield 4 ”game”, IMHO, EA/DICE totally lose reputation of game designers, who make first class games. You boys, use trash strategy - "Publish a broken game - and then start to fix bugs, balance, optimization etc". This strategy is passable for games what cost 5$, but not for companies, what want sell to Me game 100$ cost.
    I'm already sick of DICE strategy to make game casual, bugs, weird solutions in game balance (like the AA nerf), DICE ability to listen low skill players and make game changes after noobs crying. Awful solutions, like ability to play at CTE players not with skill, great game experience, or veterans, but players with premium. Medieval strategy, when at new map can play only players, who bought premium/new DLC.
    And if DICE don't change this, it will be My last Battlefield game.
    April 30
  • psycobaba28
    hey man plz report this to dice ... we really need the net code back to as it was inorder to make the game balanced for everyone living away from servers and who don't have servers near them..its not our fault and we have paid the same amount money to play as everyone with hgher ping did,its not he internet speed as i have a 50mbps line but still from india we have a ping for 100 + ,plz dice don't do this to us as u will be on the loosing side this time ,don't favour americans but the whole world ..we are all same and should be treated same.change the net codes to as they were..lot of people are not happy with this update it only favoyrs americans ...or is this s new way to sell servers... not good dice ..plz take action asap and change the notched as they were..plz
    April 30
  • catastrophic606
    Are you going to change this new f****g update we cant play...........for my opinion the previous update was better than this ...... I cant kill anyone ...... Here in greeece we are all playing 90ms and up that means that we cant play ..... What the f****k is going wrong with henry martini ???? Please change it soon or if you are not going please let me now it ....maybe i start playing a new game ..... I bought premium and deluxe to have the ultimate package because i believe that it could be better with the new upcoming dlcs .....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee make a new update ..... Thanks .
    April 29

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