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  • kingcorsair97
    Have you seen the ghost on the Ottoman campaign? Floating wild west guy with no head...very weird...would anyone have ideas please?
    August 10
  • LEEF8B
    please check out my youtube channel MAD LAD TV for epic battlefield 1 clips and subscribe
    July 22
  • alperhan25
    Hello i am a Battlefield 1 player.Maybe you already prepare The new Russian dlc but i want to see Ottomans when they're fighting with Russians because they fought in Caucasus front in WW1
    June 3
    • djkhn111
      hello everyone.i am having the same issues as most of the people are after the may update.i live in Pakistan.the closest servers to my country are the ME servers.i get a ping of 175 to 210 i have been trying really hard to cope up with this new change dice have made but its no fun playing the game at all.it has become very frustrating no hit registrations getting shot almost all the time from behind the corners its impossible to play in a close quarter battle with a low ping enemy player 90% of the time he wins as its almost impossible to predict that he is moving left or right so a leading shot is no help not fair and not at all the way to play a fps game.battlefield1 is a great game u guys have done an excellent job the online servers were perfect when you first launched the game i used to get 3 green signals even when playing in European servers and i never noticed a lag issue..also purchased premium but its almost unplayable now and the new ping threshold(200) did not help at all -

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