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  • Swatzero
    I would not keep adding the same post if the website didn't freeze all the time and then I refresh and it posted twice so u need to relax guy with admin powers.
    February 26
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      That has nothing to do with it. You keep recreating the same thread instead of using your original thread.

      So I suggest using your original threads, which were linked to in my responses, otherwise any new threads will be treated as spam.
  • wildsm4n
    Sorry, you could have just moved it.
    I can't seem to find the recruitment part.
    February 21
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      when looking at the BF1 PC section, it has BF1 PC Platoons at the top, click it and it will take you to the platoon section or you can navigate to it by using the Categories on the far right side of the forums.
    • wildsm4n
      Thank you.
  • WolfsBane91
    My bad bro, still figuring out the ropes here.
    February 20
  • RainbowPrideuk
    oh sorry i am new to this so sorry just trying to get some info
    February 14
  • kastlekrow
    I'm trying to get a copy of BF1 and you stomp all over my post. That's pretty cool of you Thanks.
    February 11
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      The forums isnt the place to beg for a copy of the game nor is it permitted.

      /end of discussion
  • Schmo13
    Can someone review and approve my post to Bf1 xbox community.
    January 28
  • Major_Reese1
    How can I gain access to the BF1 forums. I have the game for Xbox One and I already tried logging out and logging back in again. I also tried erasing my history and a new web browser and it didn't work. The email I use for the is the same email I use for Xbox One.
    January 17
  • Thumper2671
    Hello, I wanted to ask this, how would I change my profile pic here, I have not logged in for a few days, and the "change profile pic" button does not appear on my current picture. Did they change it to Gravatar or is it a current bug in the site? Thanks for any help.
    January 11
  • masterRider2000
    Sorry for getting out of topic on the ghost recon, but I was wondering about the premium dog tags because I did purchase the deluxe package. I just became I fan of battlefield after first playing Star wars battlefront , and so I'm trying to earn everything I can from BF1
    January 7
    come out for coffee sometime you lil worm and i'll moderate you
    January 3

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