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  • S1cknyss
    Maybe you should read the thread again. Or did it hurt your sensitive little feelings? Tool.
    December 18
  • ctcatsby
    Out of curiosity, what is EA/DICE doing about players like the one I posted about? He's level 50 and says he's been typing hate speech into chat since launch without any punishment. I've reported him through Origin and I imagine a number of other players have as well.
    December 15
  • prophetZER0
    SEMPER FI Brother!!!
    December 5
  • SightUp
    Hello xxxCoOlBr33zExxx, can you please approve my latest recruitment thread post?
    November 30
  • BobRosss
    Hey CoolBreeze, I was working on some edits for my post, and it says the post will appear when it's approved, I was wondering how long this typically takes because I was going to try to bump it after doing the edits. Thank you.
    November 21
  • V99999
    How do I remove you from your mod position? You haven't had any interactions with me but come on you look bad.
    November 18
  • BaronVonGoon
    I tried reaching the devs about 'slowdown' aim assist on console. Manolov days he doesn't work on aim assist and Sirland hasn't responded. Do you know who works on aim assist? It is just too sticky/magnetic, much more so than BF1. Very annoying.
    November 15
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      You could tweet to the CM Jeff Braddock and ask him to pass it along. Also create a thread on the forums and I'll add it to our daily report .
    • BaronVonGoon
      Thanks. Will contact Braddock.
  • SPEEDSTER1000000
    Hello there was just wondering when you said dont post about bfv in bf1 section, I didn't have any access to post in the bfv section and it was grayed out
    November 9
    • SPEEDSTER1000000
      If you could move the thread it would be helpful, I do need help on that question
  • 1stAckem
    Did you have a better place to recommend I bring problems like this up? This is my gaming account...Maybe I should try craigslist? or take an ad out in the paper "Calling all BF Hardline Members"
    October 23
  • 1stAckem
    I didn't "spam" I posted in all the appropriate forums that I could and I only discussed moderation because it is being used as a hammer not a helpful tool. I was not told to recreate this thread as you said "I highly suggest you refrain from making similar threads on the same topic." Or not to put it in the wrong game forums which I obliged by only posting in games with punkbuster. You said "Also if this is such a widespread problem as you keep claiming, then I would think we would be seeing a lot more threads popping up about it but that simply isnt the case." First of all I never claimed it was a widespread problem I said I wanted to find out if it was. Second of all I have seen other threads about it. Third you are not even giving people a chance to respond because you insta-lock so how can I know? Also you don't need to keep explaining you can't do anything haha I have realized that long ago. I am posting for feedback dialogue and feedback, it was clear EA can't do anything
    October 23
  • 1stAckem
    EA has no control over bans issued by Evenbalance and complaining here about Evenbalance is not going to get the answer syou seek.

    Continue contacting them until you get an answer. There is nothing anyone here on the forums can do about your situation.

    Do not recreate this thread.


    A)Please stop assuming you know what I seek. It's not just about answers either, but more importantly about finding out how widespread this problem is and hearing feedback from fellow BF members.
    B)Why would I continue contacting them? I've already sent multiple tickets in and heard zero after weeks to months. It's not like they are losing the tickets they are either not seeing them or they are ignoring them.
    C)There are things people on this forum can do about my situation, not sure why you feel so authoritative on the subject. Please unlock my threads. If not I do plan to re-create them as I don't see any other option. If I try you will ban my account?
    October 21
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      There is absolutely nothing anyone here on the forums can do about your issue with PB so your thread will remain closed and I highly suggest you refrain from making similar threads on the same topic. If this problem was so widespread as you state than I would think there would be more threads popping up about it which at this time isnt the case.

      Contact EA Support if you feel there is an issue regarding PB and see what they say.

  • 1stAckem
    You closed my thread Hardline lives matter because "wrong thread." I posted it in the technically "correct" forum, but I also wanted to post it here because I assume traffic is greatest and I want as many peoples input as possible in addition to the fact that this topic is not limited to one game type, this issue affects all games. Please unlock thank you.
    October 19
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      no it will not get unlocked as it has nothing to do with BFV. This issue does not affect all games as not all games run PB.
    • 1stAckem
      its not just a punkbuster issue though, if EA has no control/oversight of Evenbalance then there is a hole in the system, which has currently sucked me in
      im sure your aware the BF3 BF4 and BFH all use punkbuster, the thread was to spread awareness but at the very least I will post it in those forums for now. I only chose BFV as a central place to post it instead of all 3

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