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  • rebirth5610
    My apologies after I posted that I seen there was a thread for it
    April 11
    • rebirth5610
      Also If by chance could you recommend ways on growing the platoon I made?
  • Knuffolino65
    I just read your step-by-step description for reporting cheating PLAYERS, but I still have no idea how to report cheating SERVERS. Or, to be more precise, servers which advertise boosting by titles like "no kill server" and whose admins kick and/or ban you for playing the game normally.
    March 13
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      Here you go, hope this helps.

      Submit your report by contacting us via Email from our Help Center.
      1. Go to our Contact Us page.
      2. For Product, select your game and hit Next.
      3. For Platform, select the appropriate platform and hit Next.
      4. For Category, select “Report Cheating/Harassment” and describe the issue.
      Be sure to include as much information about the server in question in the
      Description, inclusion of screenshots or video evidence will help greatly.
      Hit Next, then select the email option to submit.
      The link for our Help Center is here:
  • Mr_2r
    Help! "This feed has been hidden by the Battlelog administrators."
    March 9
  • FNXDarkness
    FNXDarkness fui banido varias vezes atoa pelo punkbuster' agora meu jogo não conecta! Oque fiz pra ser banido ? Apenas Joguei Bem por alguns minutos a depois Cai um pouco! quero meus direitos porque eu não gastei dinheiro atoa pra vocês banirem minha conta sem mais e nem menos!/FNXDarkness was banned several times atoa by punkbuster 'now my game does not connect! What did I do to get banned? I just played Well for a few minutes and then Catch up! I want my rights because I did not spend money so you guys are free of my account without more and less! Then you talk to me to go to the forum br being that there is no portuguese aption below!
    March 3
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      We do not discuss bans b/c there is nothing anyone on the forums can do regarding them. Secondly, EA does not issue PB bans. You'll need to contact the company that runs Punkbuster over on their site which is located at
  • WFPK-Lucifer
    where is the area where i can get people in to wolfpack
    February 27
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      Each platform has a platoon area which is for recruitment purposes.

      Its listed in the directory on the right of the forums or if you go in a specific platforms forums, it should be at the top, just click the link.
  • robmcewen
    Hi I know this has probably been said else where, but where do I go to nominate someone for a friends of DICE tag?

    Don't worry I'm not going to nominate myself ;)
    February 25
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      There's usually an announcement when it's time to nominate people.
    • robmcewen
      Thanks mate, I'll keep a look out for when the next round is announced.

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