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  • IntruderFIN
    You want feedback?
    How about weapon balance is off the chart.
    Rampant cheaters in the game.
    Maps are unbalanced as ever.
    Game modes, do we even need talk about how unbalanced some of those are?
    There is a reason why people post c ya topics and don't want to go all essay with what is wrong in the game.
    Look at the forums... all the feedback you want is there and yet Dice isn't doing anything about it.
    Did you even know Fairfight has been off since the launch of the game?
    Did you know there are cheaters in the game who has been at it from the start and a simple stat list check will reveal them?
    I mean it must be nice to be one "those" guys...
    I'm not even mad about you closing the topic in fact i guess it was for the better.
    At least lock it with some other reason than i didn't provide "feedback"
    P.S I'm not here anymore to read your witty answer so you might as well not post anything, just like you said
    nope but if you cant post anything useful or constructive than I recommend not post
    February 17
  • PlusAsteroid82
    February 2
  • mpstealthace
    The discussion "Want to kill BFV? Mix armies within the Axis and Allies faction system." Was a discussion I wanted to have and it finally was getting attention. Im very disappointed you froze the discussion when i was finally able to have a logical conversation with others of the community to hear thier opinions. I apologize its old but its a relevant subject do to the fact its a subject of features that haven't yet come to pass. If I may so bold to request the discussion to be reopened you have my word that I will keep the conversation on point and not stray into chaos. I know the title is a bit shocking and I apologize.

    Thank you
    February 1
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      we dont allow old threads to be necro'd in which case your thread from the beginning of November fell into that category. Feel free to create a new thread on the matter if it's needed.
  • Manoque77
    Hello, I posted a cheater with evidence. How is that naming and shaming when it's clearly evidence? Did you watch the posted video full?
    January 20
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      Yes which violates the Name & Shame Policy of the forums as there is nothing anyone here on the forums can do about it as we are not the AC Team or handle anything regarding AC matters.

      Plus posting such videos could lead to harassment of a user if allowed.

      Report the player the appropriate way.
  • SWCC9517
    Thanks for closing my post. Is this Facebook now.
    January 15
    • xxxCoOlBr33zExxx
      nope but if you cant post anything useful or constructive than I recommend not posting
  • Mister_z0mbie
    ca va j aimerais faire jouer avec vous
    January 8
  • BaronVonGoon
    If you're the 2nd greatest mod who's the greatest?
    December 2018

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