why is server list showing server is about 50/64 player when it is empty has hell?? same on bf1

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like i said, why the hell is my server list showing servers with players and when i go on it, waiting until this game decide to fully load the map, there is nobody!!! this happend on BF3, BF4,and BF1 are you going to fix ur stupid game or is everybody saying ea game is dogshit completely right and wizefull?

i see post talking about this issue dating from 2017 cmon devs, do something!!

this isthe only gam i have ever see a lying server list just to atract player on empty servers WTF

and you want us to buy your newest BFV but there will probably be the same issue, why would i buy such a scam you are advertising ur dogshit on every older battlefield like it will give us a boner, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! if it turn into a bf3, bf4 and bf1 i dont want it stop spamming me with this shit!!!


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    Hello, Here are the solutions for this problem:
    Use the Battlelog, and install the Better Battlelog extension with Google Chrome browser :
    This extension allows you to see the real number of players on the servers (in red or green on the screenshot below) in the list of servers :

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    @ndroidz For your information, there is an English Battlefield forum here

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